Financial Viewer

This project uses python Dash. Currently the back end Python scripts download stock ticker data that can be easily manipulated on a graph through your web browser through the use of a ticker. The goal is to create something that exceeds the free version of Yahoo Finance.

The goal is to pull data from multiple financial and economic resources and in future company financial releases such as 10k and 10q forms. By quickly adding something such as GDP to a specific stock price on the same graph users will be able to screen stocks with additional information on one browser window.

Status: Currently contains a sample of publicly traded US stocks with full history and daily prices. Type in stock tickers to add them to the graph. The graph can take multiple tickers that are available (not all are live), and can be resized by zooming in or out.

Pulse Project

This project is in the research phase. The goal is to provide a list of accepted meters to gauge the level of asset prices relative to output in the economy. In general this follows the idea that income and debt typically maintain a historical relationship.

The goal is to make a simple page that has multiple meters that may represent a potential bubble has formed in certain traded securities.

Status: Researching metrics to include in potential predictive variables and reviewing methods to structure the program and platform.