James went to school in the United States at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA. While there he received a BA in Economics as well as a MS in Accounting. In his career James has worked as a consultant in the banking sector Ernst & Young as well as co-founded a company in the defense industry.

He got the idea for this website from friends and family asking for help with their finances and how to invest their money. Frequently people would ask for specific help with stocks or retirement, however, when asked about their specific financial situation it became clear that many people didn’t have a holistic view of their situation. Over time he realized that most questions should be approached from simple steps beginning with a budget. The article “A Simple Budget” kicked off this website in November of 2019. From there more sections have been added such as a Python Programming section as well as personal views on topics related to Finance and Economics.

James resides in Virginia and enjoys playing guitar, programming, and pursuing research on topics that interest him. He is one of four children and enjoys pursuing entrepreneurial ventures that both play to his strengths and allow him to plan his own schedule in a way that works best for him.

Feel free to contact me or add me on LinkedIn if you think we may have similar interests!